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Buah Epal

Ini mengenai kod buah epal yang dijual di pasaran. Boleh jadikan panduan yek..selalu main beli je..

Read the Numbers on Your Fruit

Conventional Fruit Labels
Four digits starting with 4

Organic Fruit Labels
Five digits and starts with number 9

Genetically Modified Fruits
Start with the digit 8

So next time you go shopping, remember these critical numbers and know
how to avoid purchasing inorganic and GMO fruits.
Shop Safe :)

This is good to know because stores aren't obligated to tell you if a fruit has been genetically

So if you come across an apple in the store and it's label is 4922, it's a conventional apple grown with herbicides and harmful fertilizers. If it has a sticker 99222, it's organic and safe to eat.
If it says 89222, then do not buy!!!! It has been genetically modified (GMO).

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